How good is Nutribom for babies?

What are the benefits of Nutribom?

Nutribom contains contains vitamin A, B,C and D which help strengthen a baby’s immune system and boost the production of antibodies, substances that weaken and destroy bacteria. Nutribom is rich in brain development boosting vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, A, E and calcium.

Is Nigerian custard good for babies?

Whole milk yoghurt and custard is also good. Don’t give cow’s milk (or goat’s or sheep’s) until he’s a year old. It’s a good idea to base on starchy foods. Breakfast cereals, baby breadsticks, potatoes, couscous, bread, pasta, millet, rice and oats are okay.

What formula helps babies gain weight?

Pass it on: Feeding a baby protein-hydrolysate based formula may help him to gain weight at the same rate as breast-fed baby, instead of the accelerated rate often seen in babies fed cow’s milk-based formula.

What porridge is good for babies?

Make sure to use porridge oats to make your baby’s breakfast as jumbo oats are too big for babies. Alternative grains can be used such as Millet which is rich in B vitamins and a makes a mild sweetish porridge.

Should I start my baby on rice cereal or oatmeal?

Around age six months, it’s time for the fun of feeding babies to begin. Previously, the recommendation was to start rice or oatmeal cereal around four months. But now, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents start solid foods around six months of age, when a child meets developmental milestones.

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Can cerelac be mixed with milk?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to mix CERELAC with baby’s usual milk as they are used to this taste and may learn to accept new tastes and textures more readily. Note that if prepared with breast milk, the cereal may become more watery as the enzymes in breast milk can start breaking down the cereal.

When do you stop mixing cereal with baby food?

When do I stop mixing baby food with cereal? It’s OK to stop mixing baby food with cereal once an infant begins refusing (or showing a severe lack of interest in eating) strained foods, pureed foods or jarred baby foods.