How high off the ground can a baby gate be?

Can you install a baby gate above baseboard?

Installations above most baseboard moldings will not be safe. Baby gates require spaces to be less than three inches, which is different than typical building codes for railings.

Are baby gates a fire hazard?

If the baby gates open with not much more difficulty than a standard door, then it will be judged to be OK. Office of the State Fire Marshal recommends using the hinged baby gates so it won’t become an obstruction by falling on the floor or becoming displaced.

How tall of a gate can cats jump?

How High Can A Cat Jump Over A Fence? Cats have the ability to jump as high as 5 feet or even higher. Make sure your fence is tall and that there are deterrents in place.

How long do you keep baby gates up?

Install gates in homes with children between 6 months and 2 years of age. If possible, remove the gates when the child turns 2, or when the child has learned to open the gate or climb over it.

Do you put baby gates at top and bottom of stairs?

Despite their downsides, many parents swear by expandable baby gates. Just remember that you should only us expandable gates at the bottom of the stairs, never the top. This is because a child’s weight may cause the gate to slip and fall. It is a much higher fall from the top of the stairs than the bottom.

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Which way should a baby gate swing?

Hardware-mounted gates are the only safe choice for stair locations. Most will swing open only one way, although you can decide which way you want a gate to swing. At the top of the stairs, a gate should swing away from the stairs (not over them) for maximum safety.

How high should a gate be for a golden retriever?

A height of at least 5-6 feet is recommended. Measure the gaps between pickets. Is it wide enough for a golden retriever to get her head through? If so, she could get stuck and be injured or killed trying to get loose.