Is UV light safe for babies?

Are UV sterilisers safe for baby bottles?

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation that kills microorganisms. It can sterilise all the baby feeding equipment you need, safely and effectively in just THREE minutes without any faff.

Are UV bottles safe?

Yes, they are when used correctly. UV water purifiers are capable of killing up to 99.99% or harmful bacteria in water. They should only be used in clear to slightly cloudy water or as per manufacturer specifications.

Do you really need a UV sterilizer?

In order for the bacteria, algae, or parasites to be killed they have to go through the UV sterilizer. However, by using the UV sterilizer you can prevent the spreading of the diseases floating freely in the water. This will help save the fish you love.

Is UV sterilizer safe for Dr Brown bottles?

Dr. Brown’s bottles are safe to use in this sterilizer. For any other products that you may have questions or concerns about, the answer is actually in the care section of the object you intend to use with our sterilizer.

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