Who owns the baby shark song?

Who owns the rights to the Baby Shark song?

Samsung Publishing owns an 18.53% stake in SmartStudy as of the end of Q1. New York-based composer Jonathan Wright sued SmartStudy in March 2019, claiming that Pinkfong’s Baby Shark song whose YouTube video has become the most watched video of all time copied his work.

Is the song Baby Shark copyrighted?

The creator of the viral children’s song “Baby Shark” has won a copyright lawsuit. … The composer insists that he remade a traditional American song for contemporary children, which SmartStudy then plagiarized. SmartStudy has maintained that it remade the traditional song, which doesn’t have copyright.

How much money did Pinkfong make from Baby Shark?

Baby Shark became an international hit, reaching number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2019, and also made it to the UK Top 40 list. Pinkfong stands to have made about $5.2 million (Rs 38.66 crore) from YouTube streams alone. The song first went viral in south-east Asia, and then in the US and Europe.

How much is Pinkfong worth?

According to a new report from Bloomberg, “Baby Shark,” released by children’s educational brand Pinkfong, has largely attributed to one Korean family’s net worth of approximately $125 million. Kim Min-seok and the Kim family collectively own own 63% of Samsung Publishing and 21% of SmartStudy.

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Does Pinkfong own Baby Shark?

in 2010, and five years later its children’s educational brand, Pinkfong, released “Baby Shark.” His father runs Samsung Publishing Co., which also owns part of the startup. …

Is Pinkfong a boy?

This article is about the character named Pinkfong.


Pinkfong 핑크퐁
Gender Male
Species Fox
Eye Color Magenta
Body Color Pink

How much is Cocomelon worth?

With an estimated net worth of over $317 million, according to Stat Smash, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes is among the most viewed channels across the globe and is the most watched in the U.S.