You asked: Who rescued the child How did the child react?

How did the child react on seeing the sweet seller?

How did the child react to seeing the sweet-seller? Ans. … When the child saw these sweets his mouth started watering. The child’s favourite was Burfi so he told his parents that he wanted Burfi.

How did the child react when he saw a group of dragon flies?

The child saw a number of things on his way to the fair. … The child lagged behind because he was fascinated by all the things coming on his way to the fair. He followed the dragon flies and butterflies with his gaze and tried to catch them.

How did the kind hearted man who rescued the lost child try to console the child?

The kind hearted man tried to console the child by offering him a ride on the roundabout, but the child repeated his cry for his parents. Next The man took him to the snake-charmer but he refused to listen to his flute; then he offered to buy him the bright coloured balloons.

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Who came to the child’s rescue in the lost child and what did he she do to pacify him?

Answer: A kind man in the shrine heard the child’s cry and lifted him in his arms. To pacify the wailing child, he offered to buy all those things that he had asked for from his parents – horse ride, a multi-coloured balloon, garland, snake-charmer’s show, and a sweetmeat.

What kind of a person was the man who rescued the child?

Answer: The man who rescued the child was a kind-hearted person. He was a blessing in disguise for the lost child. If he had not volunteered to help, the helpless little one might have ended up getting trampled over and killed. 30.

What happened when the child entered the grove and what was his reaction?

Reaction of child when he entered the grove in “The Lost Child”: … The child was excited and happy when he spotted many flowers around him. He was disappointed with his parents before reaching the grove. He forgot all about them and started to pick petals from the ground.

How did the child react when he did not see his parents?

Answer: The child was very innocent. He gets confused and panic-stricken on not seeing his parents. He felt lonely without his parents amidst so much of crowd.

How did the child react in front of the juggler?

Answer:The child react very unconsiness and very good because juggler alway see magic and put the things in a air with the help of motion so . So child react very interested in front of juggler.

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What was the child’s father’s reaction to his demands?

What was his father’s reaction to his demands? Answer: The child was very happy at the fair. He wanted to have a toy.

How did the kind hearted man help him?

The man tried to soothe him with every possible way. To soothe him he took him on horse ride and roundabout. He took the child to the place where the flute was being played by snake-charmer. Further, he bought child some sweets, flowers, and balloons.

What happens in the end of the story the lost child?

the lost child was fortunate enough to have been picked up by a kind and affectionate soul. this man must have gone out of his way to trace the lost child’s mother and father and succeded in reuniting with his parents.